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Joshua Yap


December 26, 2020

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Looking for Intels

B2B2C + B2B

The difference between B2C and B2B2C is shown below.

Design + Business + Customers = B2C.
Design + Business + More Businesses + Customers = B2B2C.

B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Customer) is somehow similar to B2C design, the difference is, there are other businesses in between. A B2B2C solution is a core of all complexity that sets the business world in order, a process that bridges customers, businesses and internal stakeholders.

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How to B2B?

Most B2B2C solutions are complicated that comes with a high learning curve. We aim to bring simplicity and ease for everyone through a minimalistic business intelligence design process.

We begin by understanding what the users need, not just out of the product but also out of their job & career. This allows us to provide better and accurate judgment of how your product could serve different audiences. This insight also helps in creating ideas and sketches that connects the dots of the user experience. Also developing empathy for the users by reducing complexity.

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Turning it Simple

Our process involved gaining real customer feedback, not Google searches. We will help you in interviewing and gathering more insights into their preferences for the current existing work processes. The ideation, iteration, testing and prototyping phase follows the same principle of UI/UX design.

In conclusion, we ideate and draft solutions and sketches, and use it to interview with businesses and customers for their feedback. Using what we understand from the audiences to create and remove features.

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