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Joshua Yap


December 26, 2020

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Making the first step

Before Anything

We begin our lean design Process with collaboration and getting to know each other. Which is, heading to your office. And, sitting at the same table for a workshop. The several days of workshop help everyone to be on the same channel at the initial stage of the project. Every single relationship and communication plays a huge role towards success. We speak the same language to help everyone to be in the same goal throughout the journey.

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Our lean design process

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, we want to learn more about your company’s culture and brand, perhaps a backstory. Your backstory helps to connect the emotional gap between you and your product. Not only that, it also allows us to gain insights on potential or existing customers. In the same time, we will conduct a product briefing that focused on identifying the problem and the solution. And, setting up important agendas and milestones for the project based on the requirements.

And visualize your customer’s experience and dig deep into their fundamental understanding. We ask the why, when, where, what and how. These questions allow us to create and innovate solutions that work.

What if + Where would + When will + Why do + How can = Design Thought Process

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Our Strategy

There is no one-stop solution for all problem and businesses. Many businesses try to imitate their competition. Meanwhile, it makes no sense to imitate something you wish to succeed over. Questions like ‘How can I get more than 30% conversion rate like X company?’, ‘I am about to launch within 3 months, what could go wrong?’ or ‘Will this design work?’ are tough questions.

Our strategy also revolves around breaking things down and piecing everything back. It includes testing hypothesis with real users, instead of Google searches. Going back to square one and trying again together is a part of the journey.

Our design tools are also your team’s design tool because we love full collaboration. This helps your team in understanding the overall of the work progresses. Anyway, we do not know what strategy works for you in the first phone call if we haven’t sat together long enough. No matter where you are in the world, we are happy to fly over to answer these questions.

Understanding requirements → Setting up defined timeline → Agree on Timeline

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We may not be the top digital agency in the world. However, if anything arises, the one answering the call will be us instead of operators.

Here is our design communication process.

We conduct stand-up calls every several days to ensure and align the goals and accomplishments. Spending most morning to go through the work, feedback, and designs. A repetitive process that occurs on a daily basis as the product grows.

Remote working has its challenge. To prevent miscommunication, we utilize collaboration tools like Asana or Facebook Work in keeping tracks and progresses. We love to keep to keep things simple and straightforward.

Daily check-ins and status reports → Weekly Product Demo → Design Progress Changes → Proceed to Next Feature

Cannot decide what are the best lean design process? Reach out to our UX design agency to learn more.

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