Visual Branding : A Simple Example

Joshua Yap


December 26, 2020


We may not be at your side during the birth of your idea. However, we are here today, as a part of your mission in taking your idea to reality. Our branding process begins with three simple questions. Which are the Why + How + What.

We will define, refine and finalize step by step as we proceed. We begin by asking keywords from you, by understanding how do you think about your idea/company. It can be a cat, water, freedom or anything, there is no limitation to your imagination or expression.

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And, finding out the tone of your brand in your audience’s perspective. You may have a certain expression in mind that you wish to convey to your customer towards your brand. We help to select colors based on the emotion presented to your audience, turning that into reality and experience.

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The branding process is a repetitive testing process that allows us to collaborate in creating the best branding. We will conduct A/B testing with various version of aesthetics, typographies, and colors. Through the testing, it allows the entire team to decide on the branding.

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The branding includes color, typography, asset creation, business cards and if needed, company’s shirt.

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Design Language System

What is a design system? Imagine your hair, it changes by the season or your visit to the hairdresser. A different hairstyle does not change your identity. Similar to the design language system, design language system helps you to make changes to your designs without affecting the brand and identity. Not only that, it helps you to be involved in the design process and changes.

Our design system will allow you to pinpoint and make changes to your typography, logo, sizes, pixels, color, and arrangements anytime. Similar to Lego, you can build and change anything, it will always be Lego.

We help you to understand UX design by providing every design in a properly documented process, so, you will never miss anything.

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