Why Focus Matters in Design

Joshua Yap


December 26, 2020

Before reading any further, take a deep breath and look at the top 5 apps or products that you use every single day. Are these apps visually stunning or, you can’t help but use it every day? Why did you use it in the first place? The most apps downloaded and active today are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp YouTube, DropBox, Uber and Instagram. Beyond metrics, apps like Whatsapp and YouTube do not focus on beautiful visuals to keep their users.

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The Hidden Truth

There is a harder truth behind every single UI and UX ever existed. Which is, no one cares about perfect UI and UX. The majority of founders spent their time fixing visuals, instead of processes. That is not the problem, in fact, one hit wonder rarely happens. Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and random giants spent years to perfect their product features and processes instead of upgrading visuals.

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These companies no longer focus into getting the best UI to represent their products. Instead, they focus on the best interest of their users. If users want one thing, they FOCUS on perfecting that one thing. And, perfecting this one thing or feature means everything.

Or, something controversial? Tweet it. Eating out with friends? Insta it (Instagram).

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Top apps and products shared one thing in common, you do not need to know anything to use everything.

Before ending this, there is no instant solution to guaranteeing success in your product experience without trials and errors. Simply copying giant companies without looking at their past failures is not good enough.

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