4 Actionable Tips for Product Designers on Design Feedback

This article aims to provide product leaders with the best actionable tips for delivering design feedback that empower designers. Read on to learn more.

Kumaran Shan
September 13, 2023
5 mins read

In product development, providing valuable design feedback to product designers is vital for success.

The 4 actionable tips that you can take immediately are:

  • Be Specific and Actionable in Your Design Feedback
  • Be Respectful and Constructive in Your Design Feedback
  • Give Design Feedback Throughout the Design Process
  • Be Open to Design Feedback

Or, you can read this article that aims in equipping stakeholders, including project managers, product managers, and other team members, with epic tips to deliver design feedback that empowers product designers.

These full detail guidelines will help you contribute to the creation of outstanding products while nurturing a productive relationship with designers.

#1: Be Specific and Actionable in Your Design Feedback

When offering design feedback, specificity is key.

Avoid generic statements like "this is good" or "this is bad."

Instead, focus on providing precise and actionable feedback that guides designers towards improvement.

For example, instead of simply stating, "this logo is boring," delve deeper and suggest, "Incorporating a different color scheme could make the logo more captivating."

#2: Be Respectful and Constructive in Your Design Feedback

Recognize designers' passion and dedication, and approach design feedback with respect and a constructive mindset.

Even if certain aspects don't align with your preferences, there is no need for rude or hurtful comments.

Opt for constructive language, such as "I believe this could be improved by [insert specific suggestion]," to foster a collaborative atmosphere.

#3: Give Design Feedback Throughout the Design Process

To ensure the final product aligns with stakeholder expectations, provide design feedback throughout the entire design process, rather than waiting until the end.

Regular communication and timely suggestions allow for iterative improvements, maximizing the designer's ability to address concerns and deliver a product that satisfies all parties.

#4: Be Open to Design Feedback

While providing design feedback to product designers, be open to receiving feedback from them. Designers offer unique insights and perspectives that enhance the overall product.

By fostering a culture of open design feedback, you create an environment where everyone's ideas are valued, leading to better outcomes.

Additional Tips for Effective Design Feedback

Understand the Designer's Goals and Constraints

Take the time to understand the designer's objectives and constraints.

This understanding enables you to provide design feedback that is relevant and aligned with their vision, resulting in more effective collaboration.

Be Willing to Compromise

Recognize that design is subjective, and not all design feedback will be accepted.

Demonstrate a willingness to compromise, finding a balance that satisfies the needs of both stakeholders and designers for a successful outcome.

Exercise Patience

Great design takes time. Exercise patience and provide designers with the necessary time to produce their best work.

Rushing the process can compromise the final product quality and hinder the creative process.

Examples of Effective Design Feedback

Positive Feedback: "The use of color in this design is exceptional. It creates a visually captivating product that effortlessly grabs attention."

Constructive Feedback: "The font you've chosen might be too small, potentially impacting readability on mobile devices. Consider increasing the font size slightly for better legibility."

Timely Feedback: "The website navigation seems confusing. Let's address this issue and explore potential improvements together."

Open to Feedback: "I welcome your suggestions for enhancing this design. Your insights are valuable, and I appreciate your input."


Providing valuable design feedback to product designers is a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders.

By applying these epic tips, stakeholders can deliver design feedback that empowers designers and contributes to outstanding products.

Remember to be specific, respectful, timely, and open to collaboration in your design feedback. This will foster a productive and creative environment that benefits all parties involved.

References :

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About the Author

Kumaran Shan is a highly motivated and skilled Product Designer at Zensite. He brings a wealth of experience in UX/UI design and operations management. His expertise are in conducting in-depth user research, paired with a knack for crafting engaging journeys and high-fidelity prototypes, consistently results in products that meet both user needs and business objectives.

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