Mobile App Design that swipes to Checkout

We design mobile apps that keep your target customers swiping from start to finish, ensuring more fun, engagement, and conversions straight into your checkouts.


Our Mobile App Services

Mobile App Design

UI UX Design
Research & Discovery
Wireframing & Prototyping
iOS + Android Applications
Post Launch Support

User Research

User Journey & Persona Building
User Testing
Participant Recruitments
Research Method & Material Development
Iterative Research

UX Optimization

User Experience Assessment
User & KPIs Data Analysis
A/B Testing
Feature Experimentation
UX Iterations

We design engaging mobile apps your users will swipe through from start to finish

Our goal with each new mobile app design is to keep users engaged and drive higher completion rates. We use data and user research to create intuitive interfaces that drive actions and we follow the latest design trends to ensure your mobile app is visually appealing.

High performance User Experience

In our design lab performance always comes first. We ensure that your mobile app is effective and engaging.

Swipes that convert

Once we put together an effective interface, we package it up with trendy visuals to catch the user’s eye.

Our Mobile App research data that puts you ahead of others

We conduct user research with real people to provide valuable insights that help our clients stay ahead of their competitors. We use various creative methods to gather data and inform product decisions based on the needs and wants of the target audience.

Laser focused User Research

We remain laser focused on your target audience to best meet their needs and requirements.

Competitive advantage

Our research process gives you a competitive advantage and up-to-date market insights.

We test and optimize your mobile app to ensure best user experience

We aim to optimize your mobile app experience for better end results. Our team continuously looks for improvement opportunities and tests new features through A/B optimization.

Constant innovation

Our primary focus is increasing the end result and making sure the site brings revenue to your business.

Active On-going support

We only rely on real evidence-based improvements that drives conversion rates.


What do People think about Us

Asian School of Business student taking group photo in front of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Working with the team at Zensite was an absolute delight! From start to finish, they made the website design process so easy and enjoyable. Their attention to detail and passion for creating the perfect user experience were evident in every interaction.” - Google Review

Vivien Francis, a client from Asian School of Business, MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vivien Francis
Digital Marketing Consultant of Asia School of Business
Asia School of Business (ASB)
Scope of work
Web Design
a propertyguru group conference

“Zensite helped us to build a website in the past, and I'm incredibly impressed with the level of service and quality of work they provided. The team was responsive, professional, and accommodating from briefing stage to post site live stage.” - Google Review

a propertyguru group client digital marketing officer
Joan Germaine
Senior Brand & Marketing Manager of PropertyGuru Group
PropertyGuru Group
Scope of work
Web Design + Webflow
zuelig pharma with Klinify kesh group photo

“Zensite team are very professional about drawing the boundaries on the scope of the project. Their dedication to the craft was scene via the quality of the research they presented. From analysing the competitive landscape to speaking with customers.” - Google Review

headshot photo of Kesh with Klinify shirt
Krishanthan Surendran
Founder and CEO of
Scope of work
Mobile App Design

“Zensite worked tirelessly to meet the client’s expectations on the quality. The team strictly adhered to the deadlines and communicated mainly on Slack. Overall, their agile mentality and innovative design solutions were the highlights of the partnership.” - Clutch Review

DJ Kanzen
Founder and CEO of Coin Market Manager
Coin Market Manager
Scope of work
UI/UX Design + Web Design

“David is truly a reliable partner. They delivered high-quality work on time and communicated well throughout the engagement. Their knowledge and expertise in the latest design trends and tools made them stand out.”

Xan D.
Founder of Daemon Technology
Daemon Technology (Stacks)
Scope of work
UI/UX Design + Webflow

expectation and deliverable


Constant Communication

We like to keep an ongoing, transparent dialogue with clients throughout the project. Prioritising open channels of communication, promptly addressing concerns and providing updates, to collaboratively achieve the best possible results.


Process & Data-Driven Approach

We employ a data-driven approach, supported by proven design processes to deliver effective design solutions. By researching and leveraging real user data and feedback, we create designs that effectively address your users' pain points and drive the desired outcomes for your product.


Expertise and Tool

You only want the most skilled professionals and cutting-edge resources. Our team comprises seasoned experts who utilize the latest design tools and techniques to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.


testing & iterating for better metrics

We always focus on continuously improving your metrics through data-driven analysis and experimentation. We rigorously test and refine designs based on key performance indicators, ensuring that each iteration enhances the overall user experience and contributes to the core metrics of your product.


Handover with care

During handover, we ensure a smooth transfer of all project deliverables to you. This includes final design files, documentation, design systems and any necessary assets, along with guidance on implementation and maintenance. Helping you to take charge of assets with complete confidences and certainty.


your questions, answered

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

What services does our mobile app design agency offer?

Zensite is also a mobile app design agency in Singapore and Malaysia, offering Android and iOS mobile app design and front-end development.

Our focus as a mobile app design agency is to deliver high-converting mobile app design that improves your mobile app users' experience, directly improving your business.

Beyond mobile design, we also provide data-driven solutions to improve your product's aesthetic and usability.

Our main mobile app design offerings are:
- Mobile UI UX Design
- Android Apps
- Apple iOS Apps
- Tablets Apps( Android + iOS )
- Mobile App Development
- Front-End Development

What are some of the top mobile app design successes do you have till date?

Our mobile app design successes include examples from Pop Meals and SelfDrvn.

Pop Meals:

The result is a mobile app that leads to a faster & better food experience for the end-users—all possible through design and maintaining robust internal processes to ensure that different departments can work together well. Resulting in a 60% reduction in order cancellation and an increase of 1 million new users.


We work with the SelfDrvn internal team to design and build a cross-platform app that works for iOS and Android with close integration with their Partner, Microsoft—delivering a seamless experience through Microsoft Team, the world's most popular chat app for workplaces.

Resulting in a two major partnerships and a 75M new impression for the Microsoft Gold Standard award.

Can you help me with mobile app development?

We also offer mobile app development services if you are looking for a complete mobile app design & development package.

Beyond beautiful design, our development team has the experience and expertise to ensure all elements align with your brand.

In addition to creating clean, beautiful code, our developers understand the importance of an iterative process in delivering mobile apps that meet your growing needs.

Do you also provide mobile app branding?

We have in-house branding experts to provide a full-service branding solution if you want to craft a new or update your existing mobile app branding.