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Our services

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Data-Driven UI UX Design

We offer data-driven UI UX design services to help businesses improve their online presence, customer satisfaction, and core metrics.

Our process includes analysing user data, conducting user research, and using the latest design trends to create a customised and optimised user interface and experience.

Beyond making your website or app look great, we make it easy for your customers to navigate while driving your metrics up via our data-driven approaches.

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Mobile App & Web Design

We design websites and mobile apps (iOS & Android) that keep users engaged and drive higher completion rates.

Our team uses data and user research to create intuitive interfaces that drive actions. Not only that, we constantly optimise and improve your product’s experience, which leads to higher conversion rates and lifetime value.

In terms of staying ahead, our design is always up-to-date based on the latest design trends to ensure your mobile app is visually appealing and effective.

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Corporate & Enterprise UX Design

Looking to improve internal processes using design thinking? We can help enterprises improve the user experience at every touchpoint and increase the efficiency of your workflows.

We also offer complete corporate design packages for professional use cases.

Our team of experienced designers creates custom packages that align with clients' brand identity and vision and includes support and updates to keep materials up to date.

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On-Page SEO

Dominate the local or global search results and earn more traffic from search engines with our On-Page SEO solutions.

Our On-Page SEO solutions cover keyword research and optimization, page speed optimization, keyword research, internal linking, and content creation strategies.

Webflow development solution

Landing Page & Webflow Development

Looking to deploy landing pages or websites quickly?

We know Webflow in and out—the most modern CMS solution for better and quicker websites. Webflow takes the hard parts of web development out of the equation and lets you focus on deploying landing pages and designs to production faster.

Beyond Webflow development, we also provide complete end-to-end design and CMS solutions for Webflow.

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NFTs, Blockchain & Web3 Design

Whether you are looking to launch your crypto exchange, NFTs, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), or blockchain solutions to the public, we have the domain expertise and track record to bridge Web2's successful user experience into Web3.

On top of that, we work directly with the best NFT smart contract developers to make sure that the NFTs we deploy can't be hacked.

Our works

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Our Testimonies

Plus, why they have chosen Zensite.

"Zensite transformed our product and the brand that shaped us for who we are today."

I worked with Zensite in the early days of our product "Dmails," they were very helpful and always gave advice for the best UX/UI; they are a very creative team and always committed. I love to work with them again and again.

M. Abdou, Pravica
CEO & Founder
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abdou from dmail
abdou from dmail 2

"Awesome team with awesome design! What I love about them is their ability to think out of the box to get the best design out! :)"

It is super easy to work with Zensite. I just give the idea, and they start creating miracles. From the start to the end, they always kept me in the loop and ask feedbacks, which resulted in an amazing design. I am happy with the result that they have brought in. SenangSikit

CEO and Co-Founder
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senang sikit app
senang sikit app 2

"Zensite has been critical to the company's growth and completion of the project we worked on."

Their research and user experience design has been critical to the company's growth and completion of the project. The team is very conscientious and dedicated to his work. This sets a great example for the rest of the team and explains why everyone loves working with Zensite.

Sudhan HH, Selfdrvn
Lead Engineering, Microsoft & Singtel Project
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Some common question you may have

What other design services do we offer?

FAQ Zensite

Our services are not limited to only web app design, mobile app design, Web3 design, On-Page SEO, or Webflow development.

We also offer customized design and SEO solutions as:

1. Landing Page Design
2. Enterprise UX Design
3. Front-end Development: Web & Mobile App
4. NFT Solutions: Smart Contract Deployment & Audit
5. CMS & Content Creation
6. Branding
7. Design Thinking Workshop

What is our UI UX design agency's area of focus?

FAQ Zensite

Our main goal is to use design solutions to help you and your team achieve digital product success so that you can attract and keep more devoted customers while your revenue shoots up.

To do this, we use design thinking, user testing, and tried-and-true design strategies to build strong brands and products that are then developed through a data-driven design process.

Do we offer hourly or monthly rates as an alternative to working together?

FAQ Zensite

We typically do not charge based on the hours because we only focus on the outcome rather than the time spent on the output itself.

Our experience and expertise put us in a position to make design judgements that allow us to execute efficiently, which oftentimes produces a positive impact that cannot be directly translated into cost per hour.

However, even though we do not charge per hour, we still work with a flat investment rate and a minimum monthly commitment depending on the scope of the challenges.

Please reach out to us if you are looking to build a design team that can fulfil your design requirements on the go.

Do we provide complete branding as a service?

FAQ Zensite

Yes, our design team can offer branding services for your company if you don't have branding or are in the process of rebranding.

We work on digital strategy, style guide development, graphic design, motion design, visual identity, and logo design.

Can we design or redesign corporate or enterprise software?

FAQ Zensite

Our enterprise UX design solution covers more than just web or mobile digital solutions.

For example, we helped Pop Meals design and optimise their internal delivery systems from their warehouse to the end users, which resulted in more revenue as the number of deliveries completed skyrocketed.

We achieve this by transforming your business's software or legacy platforms into apps your users and company will love to use.

What is the average time it would take to complete a website or mobile app design?

FAQ Zensite

On average, it usually takes 4-6 months to complete an entire UI UX design project, including the user research and data testing phases.

However, the completion time depends on the product's feature, as we designed and launched products within 30 days before, and some took up to 180 days.

In other words, a product with higher complexity and more features will always take longer than a single landing page website.

How do we ensure the maximum possible success for your product?

FAQ Zensite

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time, money, and emotion on a relationship that does not serve your main purpose, which is to generate better returns on your investment.

For every client we worked with, every upfront cost was a cost of investing in better potential revenue returns. We achieve this by hiring the best talents and applying the best design process that heavily utilises data to increase the odds of product success.

Scroll down our FAQs to read more detail on our Experience and Process (4 E's + 4 D's).

What kind of design and user research process should you expect from us?

FAQ Zensite

We adopt the Double Diamond Design Process. Large design agencies like IDEO and Nielsen Norman also adopt this design methodology to connect designers and non-designers on the same wavelength, increasing efficiency in communication and deliverables.

Our 4 D's of the Double Diamond Design Process are:

Discover: "A problem well defined is a problem half solved." In our design, random assumptions are always out the window, as we never assume the real problems. Instead, we invest time in speaking to people affected by the issues.

Define: After speaking, learning, and discovering the real problems from the discovery phase, we use that data to define the real challenges that cause the initial pain point.

Develop: In this phase of the second diamond, we will seek responses and reactions to the clearly defined challenges, allowing us to get inspiration externally and internally while working on the design.

Deliver: Our delivery involves pushing out different unique design solutions and experimenting to see which ones work or don't.

What makes our UI UX design agency different?

FAQ Zensite

What makes us unique are the pillars of the Zensite Experience, where we help you succeed digitally by creating user experiences that moves you ahead of the game and disrupt the status quo with positive ROIs.

Our Pillars are the 4 E's that makes the Zensite Experience are:

Execution: We use a battle-tested, data-driven design process to increase your core metrics and secure a positive ROI.

Expertise: Our team consists of highly-trained and exceptionally talented product managers, developers, UI UX designers, and user researchers.

Expectations: We strive to meet your expectations and keep our process, deliverables, and communication transparent and straightforward.

Exponential: We take pride in producing scalable design systems aligned with your company’s growth trajectory.

'What is a UI UX design agency?'

FAQ Zensite

A UI UX design agency is a company that offers user experience design as a service to companies looking to create or improve the user experience and interfaces of their existing or new products. They usually offer web, mobile app, landing page, B2B enterprise design solutions for better conversion metrics.

'How do I choose a UI UX agency?'

FAQ Zensite

You choose a UI UX agency based on their level of experience, design and collaboration process, vibe, industrial exposure, portfolio, and references or reviews.

Pricing alone should never be the determining factor in how you choose a UI UX design agency because your end goal is a successful collaboration that results in a winning product for your business.

What is the best way to reach us?

FAQ Zensite

The quickest way would be to schedule a time with us.

You can send us an email or drop us a Whatsapp or Telegram message.

What is our working timezone?

FAQ Zensite

We are a based in the Singapore timezone, GMT +8.

We are a 100% remote-friendly UI UX design agency.

Where are we located? 

FAQ Zensite

Zensite UI UX Design Agency Singapore
68 Circular Road, #02-01, 049422, Singapore

Dial in: +65 3158 6926

Zensite UI UX Design Agency Malaysia
B-SG-07 Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Dial in: +603 2935 9156

About Zensite

FAQ Zensite

Zensite is a data-driven UI UX design agency offering web and mobile app design solutions that empower user engagement and positive ROIs for you.

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