Pop Meals: great food accessible

Pop Meals is a homegrown Malaysian brand that provides cloud-based kitchen food delivery services funded by Y-Combinator funds.

Pop Meals: great food accessible
Pop Meals

Homegrown Malaysian brand that provides cloud-based kitchen food delivery services funded by Y-Combinator funds.

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Previously known as dahmakan, Pop Meals is a Kuala Lumpur-based brand that provides cloud kitchen food delivery services. It has already gained a strong foothold in the local market thanks to its first-mover advantage and the support of Y-Combinator, a renowned startup accelerator.

We worked with the Pop Meals team to redesign and rebrand the whole customer experience as the company gets ready to grow on the launch of the new brand with the message "popular meals at even more popular prices".


High customer cancellation rates are a big problem for Pop Meals. This is because delivery takes too long, and more exciting menu options must be available.

Our goal is to give the brand a new look and improve the customer experience by fixing the main problems causing people to give up on their orders.


To address the issues of slow delivery and unexciting menu options, we took a holistic approach to redesigning the entire Pop Meals product experience. This included optimizing internal touchpoints such as the consumer app, web app, and kitchen dashboard, focusing on reducing even the slightest delays.

We also ensured that the end users using the Pop Meals App and those who worked on delivering the product had a better service experience. By simplifying the product experience, we aimed to give customers a quick, easy, and fun journey. 

Pop Meals: great food accessible
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Throughout the redesign process, we placed a strong emphasis on user-centric design and testing. We conducted interviews and gathered feedback from existing external and internal users to ensure that each user understood the app and its features well. By prioritising user feedback, we were able to identify pain points and make targeted improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

This approach ensured that the product design was informed by the needs and preferences of its users.

pop meals new app design
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As part of our solution, we made a new service blueprint for each department. This made sure that all core business activities were done in a standardized and efficient way by operationalizing the core business. Which is to improve communication and collaboration between teams, reduce errors, and minimize delays.

This approach helped optimise the overall workflow, ensuring that the entire system works together seamlessly, from the kitchen, delivery and to the customer's doorstep.

pop meals delivery app
pop meals outlet with staff at the cashier
pop meals kitchen
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Ultimately, our redesign of the Pop Meals product experience has led to a set of apps that work well together and are designed to be as efficient as possible at every level of service. These improvements, no matter how small, have collectively led to a faster and more enjoyable food experience for end-users.

Existing customers have received the updated look and feel of the apps, and the improvements that save time for the riders who deliver the food have also helped them.

Our solution has helped Pop Meals establish itself as a leading food delivery brand in Malaysia, renowned for its high-quality cuisine and exceptional customer service.

Now their most popular menu are super creamy mac cheese with cheese sauce, salted egg butter chicken, Nasi Lemak, golden butter chicken and many more desserts options to your hearts content.


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Improvement on all service level from app redesign

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