Selfdrvn: Employee Engagement Platform

Endorsed by Microsoft, Selfdrvn is a leading employee engagement platform in Malaysia, serving high-profile clients including Digi Telecommunication, Dominos, Accenture, and Microsoft.

Selfdrvn: Employee Engagement Platform

SelfDrvn is a Workforce Management & Talent Engagement platform to engage, reward, and retain employees

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Selfdrvn is a leading employee engagement platform in Malaysia, serving high-profile clients such as Digi Telecommunication, Dominos, Accenture, Microsoft, and more.

As user behavior evolved over time, the company realized the need for an app overhaul to modernize its workplace engagement approach. Selfdrvn approached Zensite, a design agency, to revamp its mobile and web experience.


Many HR tools are dull and focus primarily on top management, resulting in low employee motivation to use them. To address this issue, Zensite started from scratch, giving Selfdrvn's brand a new look centered around self-driven individuals committed to personal improvement.

Zensite aimed to create an HR tool with a meaningful purpose, driving action and ensuring that it continuously nudges employees to take meaningful action and increase engagement.


The agency streamlined various data points and synthesized them onto the dashboard, providing employees with a high-level overview of their performance and engagement. This enabled them to take meaningful action towards personal and professional growth.

The app also features a social timeline where employees can check on ongoing projects and celebrate successes, offering ad-hoc feedback to colleagues to foster a nurturing environment.

Selfdrvn: Employee Engagement Platform


The agency integrated the app with popular chat platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, where people spend most of their time working.

The app includes digital nudges from a built-in chatbot to assign quests, collect colleague feedback, and remind employees to keep up with meeting company OKRs. These nudges are designed not to interrupt employees' workflow.

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Stay Engaged on the Web and Mobile

To enable employees to work on the go, Zensite designed and built a cross-platform app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app also features close integration with Microsoft Teams, the world's most popular chat app for workplaces.

Zensite created a centralized leaderboard chart, allowing anyone in the organization to see top-performing talent from different departments. This feature increases social connection within the organization and removes silos between teams and departments.

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The new app was well-received by Selfdrvn's high-profile clients, with a rise in employee engagement and overall productivity through self-driven motivation.

By creating an engaging and motivating tool that focused on the employee's point of view, Zensite was able to modernise workplace engagement for Selfdrvn and its clients, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

5 Stars

Rating in Microsoft & Official Vendor


Access to all Microsoft teams users


Major MNC partnership

what client said

"Definately one of the best UX web design agency we work with. Their research and user experience design has been critical to the company's growth and completion of the project. The team is very conscientious and dedicated to their work. This sets a great example for the rest of the team and explains why everyone loves working with Zensite."

Sudhan HH
Lead Engineering, Microsoft & Singtel Project

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