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We are a Web3 design studio that creates Web3 experiences using top UX techniques from traditional tech, generating hype and TVLs through on-chain activities that can propel your token's CoinMarketCap ranking into the Top 100.

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web3 design

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UI UX Design
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Competitive Analysis
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Design Systems + Style Guides
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Web3 Website Design
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UX Optimization

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User Experience Assessment
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User & KPIs Data Analysis
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A/B Testing
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Feature Experimentation
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UX Iterations
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Webflow Solution

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Landing Page Design & Development
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Content Management System (CMS)
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Web Responsive Design
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SEO Optimization
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Hosting & Migration Solution
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Web3 is known to be hard to use due to the nature of Web3 UX. However, we focus on usability and simplicity that allows customers to easily understand and navigate the product, reducing the learning curve for newcomers in the Web3 space. Think user-friendly products that make onboarding new users easy and enjoyable.

User Experience

We aim for a simple and rewarding user experience to ensure the success of your Web3 product. Our blockchain design services aim to bridge gaps widely found in this world of rapid technological advancement.

Less Friction

We build frictionless Web3 products with a lower barrier of entry for newbies, which will encourage more adoption.

We deploy NFTs following the most secure ERC-721A standard

Zensite works with some of the top NFT developers in the industry, which allows us to create optimal security for each project. We follow the best practices to ensure that your NFTs are unique, secure and fully protected against potential threats.

Bullet-proof & secured NFTs

Our team puts a special emphasis on security in the NFT development process. As a Web3 development company, we aim to build an impenetrable product for everybody’s peace of mind.

Best NFT Strategies

We conduct quantitative and qualitative research to uncover opportunities in the NFT space. Our Web3 design agency in Malaysia will cover all your bases.

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We optimize Web3 products for better core metrics

Our Web3 products are optimized to improve core metrics such as user engagement, conversion rates, and retention. Our team uses data and analytics to test and roll out new features, and provides ongoing support to ensure the best possible user experience.

Increased conversions

Our data-driven approach allows us to create significant results in terms of conversions, revenue, and other high-level metrics.

Active & Full support

Our team will provide unlimited support throughout the project to ensure you are kept up to date on progress and results.

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What do People think about Us

Asian School of Business student taking group photo in front of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Working with the team at Zensite user experience agency was an absolute delight! From start to finish, they made the website design journey so easy and enjoyable. Their attention to detail and passion for creating the perfect user interface & experience were evident in every interaction.” - Google Review

Vivien Francis, a client from Asian School of Business, MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vivien Francis
Digital Marketing Consultant of Asia School of Business
Asia School of Business (ASB)
Scope of work
Web Design
a propertyguru group conference

“Zensite helped us to build a website in the past, and I'm incredibly impressed with the level of service and quality of work they provided. The team was responsive, professional, and accommodating from briefing stage to post site live stage.” - Google Review

a propertyguru group client digital marketing officer
Joan Germaine
Senior Brand & Marketing Manager of PropertyGuru Group
PropertyGuru Group
Scope of work
Web Design + Webflow
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“Zensite team are very professional about drawing the boundaries on the scope of the project. Their dedication to the craft was scene via the quality of the research they presented. From analysing the competitive landscape to speaking with customers. One of their team's background as a doctor helped with thinking through some of the features of the final design” - Google Review

headshot photo of Kesh with Klinify shirt
Krishanthan Surendran
Founder and CEO of Kesh.ai
Scope of work
Mobile App Design

“There were no measurable outcomes, but Zensite worked tirelessly to meet the client’s expectations on the quality. The team strictly adhered to the deadlines and communicated mainly on Slack. Overall, their agile mentality and innovative design solutions were the highlights of the partnership.” - Clutch Review

DJ Kanzen
Founder and CEO of Coin Market Manager
Coin Market Manager
Scope of work
UI/UX Design + Web Design

“David is truly a reliable partner. His user experience agency delivered high-quality work on time and communicated well throughout the engagement. His design thinking knowledge and expertise in the latest design trends, interaction design and tools made him stand out.”

Xan D.
Daemon Technology (Stacks)
Scope of work
UI/UX Design + Webflow

expectation and deliverable

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Seamless Communication

We're committed to maintaining an uninterrupted, open dialogue with our clients throughout the project. Open channels of communication are our priority, and we act swiftly to address concerns while keeping you updated.

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A Data-Driven Process

Our methodology is deeply rooted in data, aligning perfectly with our identity as a pioneering Web3 design agency. We harness real user data and feedback, conducting comprehensive research to create designs that effectively target your users' pain points and steer your product toward desired outcomes.

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Expertise and Cutting-Edge Tools

n the world of Web3, you demand nothing but the best. Our Web3 design studio comprises seasoned experts in the latest design tools and techniques. Our team delivers innovative solutions and experiences.

A UI UX designer holding an iphone with an ios mobile app design preparing for user testing

Continuous Testing and Improvement

We enhance your metrics through in-depth analysis and ongoing experimentation. Each design iteration undergoes rigorous testing and refinement based on key performance indicators, ensuring continuous improvement at every stage of the development process, ensuring the best possible product while cutting down project duration and leakages.

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A Careful Handover Process

During the handover phase, we ensure a seamless transfer of all project deliverables to you. As part of our Web3 design agency package, final design files, documentation, design systems, and any required assets, along with guidance on implementation and maintenance will be shared to you.


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What is web3 design?

Web3 design is all about making blockchain applications easier to use. It does this by prioritizing decentralized interactions, cryptocurrency transactions, and digital asset management. Other focuses are user-centric principles, security, and transparency.

What type of Web3 Blockchain design products that we can design?

  • NFTs
  • CeFi / DeFi Exchanges
  • L1/L2 solutions
  • Wallets
  • B2C Consumer Apps using Blockchain
  • Oracle / Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
  • Blockchain focused Landing Pages
  • Launchpad Platforms

What are some of the various industries that you can design using blockchain solution?

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retails
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Education & Learning
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Real Estate

Why Zensite for our Web3 product?

We have half a decade of designing Web3 products.

Our Web3 blockchain project portfolios are live work with actual results in real-time.

View more recent results of our work here.