The latest updates from Webflow Conf 2023 & what we are excited about!

Everything annonced on Webflow Conf 2023 and what we are excited about.

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Oct 6, 2023
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Oct 12, 2023
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webflow conf 2023
Webflow conf 2023

Get ready to witness the future of web design! Webflow Conf 2023 brought some exciting updates, including a refreshed brand identity, enhanced collaboration features, and powerful design tools that will revolutionize the way you create and manage web projects. Let’s dive into the details and see what the future holds for web designers and developers.

Key Takeaways

  • Webflow has launched a new identity with an updated logo, improved UI and enhanced collaboration features.
  • Create immersive 3D experiences on your website using Spline integration, streamline design importing from Figma and optimize traffic from different locales with Webflow Localization.
  • Take advantage of the upgraded Designer panel for simplified website creation, custom CSS properties for more control & customization options and Variables to store values for colors & sizes.

Introducing a new Webflow Brand

Webflow has elevated its brand, unveiling a new identity that underscores its dedication to empowering designers and developers to create with code. This transformation is evident in the new Webflow logo, which symbolizes the core building blocks of the web - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Accompanying the new logo, Webflow has introduced updates to the Designer and Editor UI, improving the loading speed of content-dense sites, thereby solidifying its appeal to businesses.

A new Webflow logo

Webflow new logo
Webfow new brand update

The new Webflow logo:

  • Transcends its symbolic status
  • Embodies the developmental prowess that Webflow imparts to its users
  • Pays tribute to the diverse community of designers, visual developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who harness Webflow’s potential to create innovative solutions.

The logo’s transformation results from the concerted efforts of Webflow’s in-house design team coupled with invaluable community feedback.

An update to the webflow designer & editor UI

new webflow designer ui

A notable update to the Webflow Designer is the navigator’s shift to the left side, increasing its accessibility and convenience for web design teams. Additionally, Symbols have been relocated to the Add panel, offering new options and displayed in a list view for improved readability, allowing users to better showcase their design elements.

Moreover, Webflow has introduced the “quick find” feature, a search bar that enables users to easily locate elements, symbols, pages, CMS content, and more without leaving their keyboard. This updated UI not only offers more modern and user-friendly experience but also streamlines collaboration between designers and content editors, ensuring projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

Collaborate and Manage Projects with Webflow

webflow collaboration setting
Webflow Permission Site Access Setting

Webflow has advanced collaboration and project management with the introduction of features and integrations that foster seamless teamwork and productivity. These enhancements include the ability to create immersive 3D experiences with Spline,

Improved collaboration with new commenting and content editing roles, and streamlined design importing from Figma to Webflow.

Create immersive 3D experiences with Spline

Webflow spline
Webflow Spline Integration

Webflow’s native integration with Spline, a web-based 3D design software, unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for creating animations, visual models, and interactive experiences. This powerful combination enables you to design visually stunning 3D scenes and incorporate them into your website with just a few clicks, taking user engagement to new heights.

Whether you’re building a high-impact portfolio, showcasing products, or simply adding an extra layer of depth to your web designs, Spline integration helps you create captivating 3D experiences that set your projects apart from the competition.

Inport your design from Figma to Webflow

import figma to webflow
Figma to webflow integration

The enhanced Figma to Webflow plugin offers the following benefits:

  • Importing designs from Figma to Webflow is a breeze
  • New copy and paste shortcuts eliminate duplication and bloating of classes
  • Saves time and effort when transferring designs between the two platforms

This seamless integration accelerates the design-to-build process for companies in real time, allowing designers to focus on creating stunning websites with just one click, rather than dealing with the tedious task of manual recreation.

webflow localization that translate language
Webflow localization

Enhance Your international SEO through webflow localization

Webflow Localization serves as a comprehensive solution for tailoring websites to a worldwide audience, boasting a suite of SEO features to optimize traffic from diverse locales.

Whether you’re a small business targeting specific regions or a multinational corporation catering to diverse markets, Webflow Localization provides the tools you need to reach your target audience effectively.

Localize your website content with translation

Webflow Localization provides automated translation via partner apps such as Lokalise, or you have the option to integrate your preferred translation management system (TMS) for a tailored approach. By translating your website content for each locale and previewing it in the Designer, you can ensure that your site resonates with your target audience and provides a truly localized experience.

Alternatively, you can integrate third-party translation tools such as Crowdin, Transifex, and Weglot to localize your website content. These tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with Webflow, enabling you to translate your content without the need for manual intervention.

Automatically create subdirectories based on location

Webflow Localization enables the automatic creation of location-based subdirectories, enhancing your website’s SEO and visitor routing. By generating subdirectories for various countries, regions, and cities, you can target specific audiences and improve your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Customizing locale slugs and serving localized pages in a subdirectory also helps maintain domain authority, further boosting your website’s SEO performance. This feature ensures that search engines understand how localized pages are related to one another, with an auto-generated sitemap that includes hreflang tags.

Maximize organic traffic in your target locales

webflow localization subdirectories in different language

With customizable locale slugs, domain authority, and optimized metadata, Webflow Localization empowers you to maximize organic traffic in your target locales. By customizing the slugs to incorporate relevant keywords and location-specific information, you can enhance your page ranking and attract more organic traffic from your intended locales.

In addition to these SEO optimizations, Webflow Localization allows you to:

  • Translate meta titles and descriptions to further improve your website’s visibility in search engine results
  • Cater your content and SEO strategy to each locale
  • Effectively reach and engage with your target audience
  • Drive global growth for your brand.

A new Designer panel

Webflow’s new Designer panel includes upgraded features such as design system control, variables, and custom CSS properties, simplifying the creation of stunning websites while ensuring project consistency.

With these powerful features, you can streamline your design work on the platform, gain access to essential tools, and focus on creating captivating user experiences.

Better design system control

Webflow’s design systems accelerate your work by enabling the repeated use of a common component, guaranteeing a uniform experience for users. Variables in Webflow store values such as colors, fonts, and sizes without the need for hard coding, which simplifies the design process and helps maintain consistency across projects.

By offering better design system control, Webflow empowers designers to create cohesive websites that not only look great but also perform well on various devices and screen sizes. This streamlined approach saves time and effort while still delivering impressive results.

Variables for colors, sizes, and typography.

Webflow’s variables feature allows for the storage and reapplication of values for colors, sizes, and typography, offering flexibility in content creation. With variables, you can define and manage a color scheme, size elements, and typography settings, allowing for greater flexibility and consistency in your designs.

This feature not only streamlines the design process but also helps maintain a consistent look and feel across your website, ensuring a polished and professional appearance that reflects your brand identity.

Better custom CSS properties

The augmentation of custom CSS properties and the inclusion of slots enhance component usability and design process flexibility in Webflow. Slots are modifiable placeholders within a component that allow the component creator to build in flexibility from the start, enabling a more intentional experience when managing the main component or building with a component instance on the canvas.

This enhancement brings Webflow components closer to having the power of true React components, offering designers even more control and customization options to create captivating websites that stand out from the competition.

What we are most excited about

One of the most thrilling aspects of the new Webflow Conf is undoubtedly the feature of localisation. Gone are the days of shelling out for costly third-party tools for localisation. The icing on the cake is its ability to create a subdirectory for you. Now, we can tailor our content to the market we're targeting instead of duplicating pages. This will undoubtedly enhance our website's SEO as we customise our web experience based on our visitors' locations.

The pricing for the new localisation feature is quite reasonable, starting at $9 per locale for the annual plan or $12 for the monthly plan. This new release will be include in our Webflow development service to all our clients.


Webflow DesignerAn updated look and feelSpline3D interactions and animationsComponents user experienceUpdated experience for managingVariablesCreate reusable values across size, color, and typographyDevLinkSupports import React componentsLocalizationTranslate and localize your site for a global Tiny but mighty updatesImprovements and additions:Additional CSS supportSpeed & scaleQuick findAspect ratioKeyboard shortcutsFigma to WebflowSync Figma components and variablesComponent slotsModifiable placeholders in ComponentsAPIsFor Localization, Variables, ComponentsCustom propertiesIncrease CSS styling propertiesCollaborationBranch stagingApproval workflows
All the new updates in Webflow

Webflow Conf 2023 unveiled a plethora of exciting updates and features that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way designers and developers create and manage web projects. From the refreshed brand identity and enhanced collaboration features to powerful design tools and localization capabilities, Webflow continues to empower its users to bring their visions to life and create captivating web experiences. The future of web design is here, and it’s time to embrace the possibilities that Webflow has to offer.

All images in this blog belongs to Webflow.

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