Acxyn: Web3 fintech in Malaysia receives $160k from MDEC

Our collaboration with Acxyn & their funding announcement of $160k from MDEC, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

Written by:
Oct 9, 2023
Last Update:
Oct 12, 2023
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Acxyn Web3 receives $160k of funding from MDEC

Congratulations to our client Acxyn for securing a government grand, MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) in Malaysia! We are proud that we have an ongoing successful Web3 design collaboration with Acxyn, and it is wonderful to see their growth and expansion over time.

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Acxyn, a groundbreaking web3 company, have joined forces to drive the growth and widespread adoption of creative technologies in Malaysia. This collaboration harnesses MDEC's digital transformation expertise and Acxyn's cutting-edge innovations, forming a formidable alliance.

MDEC, the foremost governmental agency driving Malaysia's digital economy, is dedicated to expediting the nation's digital transformation journey. With this vision, MDEC has initiated a metaverse project to establish Malaysia's prominence in the metaverse industry and nurture digital innovation on a grander scale.

Acxyn, a Malaysian web3 fintech in Malaysia, is leading the revolution in the gaming industry as the world's first IP tokenisation platform. Redefining game monetisation and investment, Acxyn introduces cutting-edge solutions that enhance the visibility and value of IPs, empowering gaming studios to tap into new and lucrative revenue streams.

MDEC has awarded Acxyn a generous grant of US$160,000 (RM750,000), further highlighting the agency's dedication to fostering innovative companies. Among the exclusive web3 startups accepted into the MDEC program, Acxyn stands out as a remarkable recipient of this support.

John Schneider, the CEO of Acxyn, expressed his enthusiasm for MDEC's alignment with their vision of a future where game intellectual properties (IPs) can reach their full economic potential and establish Malaysia as a prominent hub for game industry innovation and excellence.

Acxyn aims to leverage its expertise in collaborating with MDEC's metaverse initiative. Furthermore, Acxyn is committed to facilitating the integration of foreign IPs and investments into Malaysia, aiming to establish Malaysia as a prominent global gaming hub. This will attract international game studios and investments, fueling the nation's digital growth.

"MDEC is proud to collaborate with Acxyn, illustrating our dedication to fueling digital transformation and nurturing a vibrant creative ecosystem. With the Malaysia Digital (MD) national strategic initiative and the PEMANGKIN programs, we are excited to bolster Acxyn's growth further, encourage innovative technologies, and position Malaysia at the forefront of the web3 revolution."

As Malaysia's creative sectors flourish and embrace the possibilities of web3 technologies, this collaboration is a testament to the nation's unwavering dedication to innovation and digital transformation. It signifies Malaysia's continuous commitment to growth, demonstrating its readiness to adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

Here's an interview from Acxyn on BFM.

Once again, we are happy to be apart of this journey with Acxyn and continue to working together with Acxyn in shaping their product through design.

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