UX Internship Hiring Tips for Employers in 2023

Planning to hire a new UX intern soon? Our UX Internship hiring guide covers some of the most updated tips for 2023.

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Fay Mira
Mar 15, 2023
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Sep 24, 2023
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UX internship 101 for Singapore, Malaysia and Entire Asia
UX internship: The beginning

You've probably done your research on hiring UX talent in Asian countries like Singapore can be a pain especially when universities don't teach the user experience or user interfaces design in much detail.

There are all sorts of titles for UX-related job opportunities - UI/UX Designer, UX Designer, Web Designer, Product Design Specialist - the possibilities are endless across the 400,000 UX Design positions in the marketplace today!

How are you going to start hiring for a UX intern?

Let me break it down for you.

What Makes a Great UX Internship?

Your duty as a supervisor is to teach these young talents the elements of what makes up good UX design

An internship is NOT cheap labour. It's a learning period for the student to learn skills that they can use later on in their lives when they do land a job.

A great UX internship experience for both supervisor and intern lies in aligning your experience with the experience your intended intern would like to learn. In my opinion, they first have to be good researchers by nature to get the most of their internship.

There's 4 basic steps when it comes to hiring an intern for your UX team.

Step 1: Define the Job Description

You're writing this for university students or graduates who would be entering the working environment for the first time. Your job description should cover:

being chosen for the UX internship
The Ideal Candidate

The "Ideal Candidate"

Talk about personality, skill sets, and communication skills for example. Name the personal qualities and skills an ideal candidate should have in order to learn fast on the job.

The Ideal Candidate for UX Internship
Picking Responsibilities

Explain their Responsibilities on Your Team

What kind of products do your team design for which users and what role do they play on your team? You should walk them through the limitations of their responsibilities on the job and when they should seek your approval before work is passed down the line.

We covered the difference of responsibilities between product and UX designer in our previous blog.

Highlight What They Will Learn

UI/UX design? The design process? Wireframing? Think about the skill sets they get to pick up and even platforms like Figma, and how this internship will impact their career.

Team Culture for UX Teams
Team Culture for UX Teams

Promote your team culture

This gives candidates a taste of the interaction within your team and gives them insights of what to expect when they work for the company if you have teams not just in Singapore but also outside of the country, this is where you want to shout about it!

Have vs Needs during Design
Have vs Need
State the must-have requirements

Their degree is an obvious requirement. Are they are able to work in Singapore? Check all the absolute musts you need so you know who to reject when you flip through their application.

All good questions to think about.

Step 2: Start Recruiting on UX-Focused Platforms

You probably won't use JobStreet as a platform in this case because it does not make sense to spend that much money to hire UX interns.

Consider free platforms like:

Social media groups

LinkedIn and Facebook have large groups of people interested in UX which consists of students, self-learners and experienced professionals like yourself who would understand the kind of talent you want and could recommend someone up for the job.

An example of an Ecommerce Hackathon in Singapore back in  2018
Ecommerce Hackathon

Hackathon groups

You'll find the competitive bunch in communities like this, perfect if you're looking for hard workers and strong researchers who enjoy a design challenge on the job. They also tend to target user growth as a KPI so that saves you some pain teaching them the importance of user growth.



This is a platform for people who have similar interests to meet up. You'll find plenty of UX groups here where every member is at least interested in building a good user experience and some are hunting for a job every 3-5 posts, so keep an eye out.

TeSA supports a lot of academies in Singapore like Smartacademy who offer UX courses

Universities or schools providing certifications

Some online schools or bootcamps do teach the fundamentals of UI/UX design well these days and I've personally found someone I trained up to be a product designer from an internship before.

Keep in mind that not everyone from these groups would be looking for jobs or may not be from Singapore. The beauty of these platforms is they consist people who range from product managers, front-end developers, designers - practically anyone with an interest in UX design

They will be more than willing to share your internship with their connections and potentially link you up with your next intern who would be interested in the opportunity.

Step 3: Interviewing

Typically, most companies would do:

  1. CV screening
  2. Phone screening
  3. Face-to-face interview

That takes too much time without testing their practical skills, so an alternative that I find works really well is this process:

  1. CV screening
  2. Face-to-face interview
  3. Practical design assignment

CV Screening

Self-explanatory - just make sure they don't list a fake degree, get a good understanding of their previous experiences or skills they learned so you know what you might get to work with to which role they could potentially fill in the team.

Virtual Interview Between UX Interns and Managers
Virtual Interview

During the interview

Treat it like a conversation. Here's a few questions you could ask:

  • What do you understand about UX design?
  • Do you have any front-end UI development experience?
  • Have you had the opportunity to work with clients on a freelance basis?
  • Tell me about one challenge you faced, and how you overcame it?
  • What sort of work would you like to do as a career?
  • What did you like about our company that convinced you to send in your application?
  • What is the difference between UI, UX and UI/UX design?

This stage allows you to test their theoretical understanding of the industry and job they applied for.

Wireframing is a big part of practical work of designers, I recommend include it in the assignment - Credits: Career Founder

User Experience or UI/UX Assignment

This is where you get to assess their design skills.

We designed a simple test where candidates for the internship had to think like designers to design prototypes of actual work we've done for a client account before.

Each candidate had to perform usability testing on their work, keeping in mind that all the elements and interaction on their designs have to be focused on helping the user navigate each page as smoothly as possible.

A fun assignment would be to fix up Google's icon designs - Credits: TechCrunch

The end product of their work gives us good insights on the functionality of their current level of work, the skills they possess and which skills we should focus on teaching them.

Based on their overall performance, we discuss the performance and provide feedback to each candidate on their work and see how they take it, because a good intern takes feedback well.

The best attitude with at least a good fundamental understanding of what a good UX is gets to start their career with us while the others had to look for other jobs.

Credits: Glints

Step 4: Onboarding

Think about all the different stakeholders this intern will deal with on a daily basis.  Consider all the tools this person is going to use, and the processes your team use as well. Different companies have different workflows so even if they have done an internship with another company, brief them as if they are completely new to work anyways.

It would be a good idea to develop a checklist for them to get started. Here was ours:

  • Design tools to download
  • Meeting/Report templates
  • Email setup guide
  • Key stakeholder names they will be working with
  • Our user research brief

Just cover the critical stuff with them on a call/in person, then give them the rest to read in their own time.

Final Notes

To sum it up in a nutshell, you know your company best and you should design the internship to be a good learning experience because your user experience interns might one day become a valuable member of your team.

Train them like they're going to work with you in the long-term and who knows - you could find yourself creating the new powerhouse that will create impact like talent in companies like Grab do in the world of UX. If you unable to make a decision yourself, save yourself from headache and consider using a recruiting agencies service.


What is a user experience intern?

A user experience intern, or UX design intern, is an individual keen on diving into the intricacies of user experience design. This person is often at the outset of their career journey or might be a student eager to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world applications, particularly in the realm of user interfaces.

What kind of intern jobs are available in UX?

The world of UX is vast and evolving. Positions for budding professionals include:

  • UX Design Intern: Here, the focus is on the actual design process, creating user interfaces that are both appealing and functional.
  • UX Research Intern: In this role, the intern collaborates with experienced UX researchers. The goal? Delve deep into user behaviours, gather valuable feedback, and lay the groundwork for design choices.
  • UX Analyst Intern: This role revolves around data. By analysing user behaviours and feedback, interns can provide insights that drive design strategies.

Do I need a master's degree to secure a UX internship?

While having a master's degree can certainly give you an edge, it's not always a prerequisite. Many organisations value a bachelor's degree combined with a genuine passion for UX, demonstrated skills, and a portfolio that stands out. Remember, it's about what you can bring to the table!

What do ux researchers look for in an intern?

UX researchers appreciate interns who possess a mix of curiosity and analytical prowess. They want someone ready to dive into the user's world, gather data, and collaborate with design teams to shape that data into tangible design solutions.

Where can I find UX design intern positions or design intern jobs?

There are numerous avenues to explore. Online job portals, company websites, academic job boards, and niche design platforms often advertise these positions. And don't forget the power of networking—attending design-centric events or seminars can open many doors!

What can I expect from a full-time UX internship?

Embarking on a full-time UX internship is like stepping into a world of immersive learning. You'll have the chance to collaborate with seasoned professionals, work on projects that impact real users, and sharpen your skills in user interface design and research. And who knows? It might just be your springboard to a fulfilling full-time role in the future!

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