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In today's dynamic business landscape, startups and established companies in Singapore are pivoting towards design subscription services or graphic design company in Singapore. They're reaching out to Singapore design agencies, inquiring about unlimited design services and design subscription plans or design retainer programmes.

Why this trend?

The reasons are manifold. In the face of fluctuating market trends, evolving consumer expectations, and limited internal resources, outsourcing design emerges as a lifeline.

It's cost-effective, promises consistent quality, and eases the burden on in-house teams - especially when inundated with numerous tasks and projects.

But it's not just about financial prudence. Outsourcing gives you the access for consistent design work quality and relieves burden from your in house design team which is great for business in the long term.

Design subscriptions offer access to unlimited design services, especially beneficial for entities with a lean, small, or non-existent design team.

Clients can submit endless design requests. While some agencies pledge unlimited request, their modus operandi usually revolves around handling one task at a time though some agencies did offer to take a few tasks at a time.

The unlimited design service spans a broad spectrum, from unlimited UI/UX design, website design, and unlimited graphic design to animation and even web development.

Understanding Design Subscriptions

Design as a subscriptions essentially signify a perpetual collaboration between businesses and design agencies. Companies gain access to boundless design services in exchange for one flat monthly fee.

Perks of Unlimited Design Subscription:
  • Save Time : Clients save valuable time by tapping into design subscriptions, leveraging the agency's team and designers to cater to their ongoing design needs.
  • Save Money: Design subscription plans are often very affordable. They grant unlimited design services for a single monthly flat rate.
  • Boundless Design Services: Unlimited requests spanning various services like unlimited UI design, unlimited graphic design, unlimited brands, unlimited stock images and many more.
  • Unlimited number of Revisions: Active participation is encouraged, allowing clients to offer feedback. Designers make endless revisions, ensuring the final product aligns with the client's vision without hidden costs.
What is the deal with Unlimited Request ?

However, "unlimited requests" warrants clarification. While you can submit any number of design requests, they won't all be executed simultaneously.

Typically, the designer tackles each request sequentially. The duration each task demands – contingent on its complexity – determines the monthly design volume.

Most services focus on one concurrent task until completion, but others might offer more depending on the chosen package. The time taken hinges on design complexity, turnaround time, and the synergy between agency and client.

What kind of Unlimited Design Service to choose?

Design subscriptions usually cover unlimited services like graphic design, UI design, and more. However, you must identify your design needs, business goals and type of service before choosing the agency for your design support.

  • Need a subscription to alleviate design backlogs? Especially for websites or apps?
  • Opt for an agency that is renowned for UI/UX expertise as their main service.
  • Seeking primarily graphic designs for your business and branding particularly for social posts, pitch decks, logos, or just graphics ?
  • Consider agencies specializing in unlimited graphic designs as their main service, but do ensure they can provide quality deliverables.

Here are the top design companies in Singapore that offers design subscription:

Top Design Subscription Agencies in Singapore

1. Zensite - Unlimited Design Service

Image of Zensite Introduction of their Subscription Design Plan as well as snippet of some of their past works

Zensite stands as a beacon in the realm of holistic design expertise. Often heralded as Singapore's best UI/UX design agency, their work seamlessly intertwines design intuition with data-driven insights to reach pivotal business goals.

Their offerings span a broad array of design services from UI/UX design, website design, web3 design, mobile application design to comprehensive B2B enterprise solutions, all while demonstrating mastery in Webflow.

Their seasoned team, boasting an aggregate of three decades of experience, harmoniously unites roles such as project leads, UI/UX designers, UI designer, graphic designer, website artisans, illustrative geniuses, and animation experts.

Flexible Subscription Plan:
Hero for Zensite design subscription that show the image of the tools they use and google rating
Hero for Zensite design subscription that show the image of the tools they use and 5 stars google and clutch rating

Zensite showcases its innovative approach with customized subscription or retainer packages tailored to meet every design need.

Each package assures an unlimited design service, allowing clients to create and submit requests and concentrate on a single task.

Zensite also caters for enterprises that require multiple requests of design tasks to work on a single time, especially with their Pro and Enterprise tiers, as they will have a whole team to work on each task based on their design strength and dedicate project manager to manage each task.

Additionally, webflow's service can found in the PRO plan. Zensite pricing model is on monthly basis, hence the client only need to pay every month without the needs to commit to pay a lump sum amount on quarterly or yearly basis.

Zensite guarantees fast delivery with a turnaround time of 48 hours, and for simple task, they can usually deliver their design service on the same-day turnarounds.

Zensite understands the importance of smooth project management; hence, for each client, a dedicated project manager will manage the client's request and ensure the tasks are dedicated to the right designers based on their strengths and expertise.

The project manager and lead designer will also support the client to ensure the task is delivered in a timely manner with the highest quality with no extra costs.

Zensite Design subscription offers:
  • Unlimited UI Design service
  • Unlimited graphic design
  • Unlimited custom illustration
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited requests
  • Clients can pause and cancel anytime
Turnaround: Average 48-hour delivery
Zensite Design Subscription Price
Packages: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise
  • Standard: The agency will work on one request at a time.
  • Pro: Up to two requests for the tasks to be done simultaneously.
  • Enterprise: Up to three requests simultaneously, with priority in phone support and design tasks queuing.

Clients can claim a free 7-day trial to test Zensite's design subscription by booking a demo. However, trial users can submit only two requests and will receive source files and the design files once a full subscription is purchased.

For design works mainly UI/UX design, the file types are in Figma while the file types for illustration or animation vast from svg to Lottie.

Collaboration Process with Zensite:
  1. Clients create and submit design task detailing their creative vision through Notion, Google Docs, Loom video or any tool that the client prefers.
  2. The project manager confirms task directions with the client and then manages and aligns resources based on the required expertise.
  3. Once the designer completes the task and request, quality assurance is conducted before delivering source files to the client.
  4. Zensite believes in collaborative design and offers unlimited revisions without hidden fees.
Who Can Benefit from Zensite Design Subscription?
  • Businesses stressing on unlimited UI/UX designs, unlimited graphic design, micro-interaction animations, and design systems.
  • Companies aspiring to mitigate their project backlog by handling multiple design projects concurrently will find Zensite's Pro and Enterprise tiers invaluable.
  • Small businesses scouting for a one-stop solution encompassing UI/UX, web design, webflow, and unlimited graphic design.
Contact Information:

To get started with Zensite's services, you can either book a call or subscribe to their subscription plan. Zensite currently offer a 7-day trial period for new subscribers to try out their service.

2. Wefoster Design: Webflow Focus but No Custom Illustrations

Hero for Wefoster where they shared their subscription based on webflow
Hero for Wefoster Design where they shared their subscription based on webflow

Wefoster stands out as a specialized webflow development subscription service rooted in Singapore.Their flagship service is webflow development, tagged at 2500 SGD monthly.

They further extend their expertise with webflow design for an additional 500 SGD monthly.

Clients can choose between the Entry and Standard subscription plans, each distinguished by turnaround times.

The Entry package promises delivery between 2-5 days, whereas the Standard package, which comes at a more affordable price, spans 5-7 days.

The unique proposition of Wefoster is its solo operation with only one designer, the founder, who will create and build the website.

However do bear in mind, services such as graphic design and custom animations are off the table, emphasizing their niche in webflow design, development, and maintenance.

WeFoster Design Subscription Offers:
  • 1 active request for the designer to work on the task at a time
  • Webflow development
  • Unlimited webflow design ( with an additional 500SGD to the package)
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Clients can pause and cancel anytime
Turnover: 2-5 days for the Standard package, 4-7 days for the entry package

Package : Entry & Standard
Pricing on standard package and entry package
Pricing on standard package and entry package
  • Entry The turnover will take 4-7 days with 2x per update with basic animation and micro-interactions.
  • Standard - The turnover is faster with 2-5 days, with advanced interaction and animation, including Lottie animation, API integration, and custom codes.
Ideal for:
  • Businesses contemplating a shift from WordPress to Webflow.
  • Firms in search of regular Webflow platform maintenance.
  • Enterprises that value Webflow with a lighter focus on graphics.
Contact Information:
  • Website: Wefoster Design
  • Emai:

3. Dotyetti - Unlimited Graphic Design

Hero for dot yeti that offer subscription on graphic designer with some snippet of their work
Hero for Dotyeti that offer subscription on graphic designer with some snippet of their graphic work

Strategically positioned in Singapore, Doyetti is a design subscription company focusing on providing unlimited graphic design, including social media designgraphic designcustom illustrations, animations, and video editing.

For web design and landing page offerings are nestled in the premium "Royal Package" with a flat monthly fee of USD 2399.

Doyetti's unique offerings encompass a 14-day money-back guarantee, AI-powered stock images, and a 48-hour turnaround delivery time.

Doyetti Design Subscription Offers:
  • Unlimited graphic design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Clients can pause and cancel anytime
Packages - Basic , Premium, Royal
3 different pricing package - basic, premium, royal
3 different pricing package - basic, premium, royal

Basic - The graphic designer will work on one project at a time with one brand profile. However, their unlimited graphic design for the basic package is only limited to graphic design for social media design, digital marketing ads, posters, flyers, brochures and stickers.

Premium - For the premium package , the agency can work on two projects at a time for two brand profiles with the dedicated art director. The graphic design service also extends to logos, infographics, and white paper graphics.

Royal - For the royal package, the agency can deliver more than two projects at a time, with unlimited brand profiles, which there can offer more extensive unlimited graphic design, as well as branding style guide, website design and landing page.

Ideal for:
  • Businesses with a priority on graphic design tailored for social media posts and branding for their business.
  • Organizations favour a strong social media presence over web design and landing pages for their business.
  • Companies scouting for a graphic design service that requires various graphic works across different brand profiles for their business.
Contact Information:
  • Website: Dotyeti
  • Email:


In Singapore, few agencies delve into design retainer or subscription models. The prevalent service in this space is unlimited graphic design.

For entities seeking mastery in UI/UX design, coupled with website development and a plethora of creative design services like graphic design and micro-interactionsZensite reigns supreme.

Their reputation is fortified by a 4.8-stars rating on platforms like Clutch and Google reviews. Plus, accolades from varied design-based backgrounds underline their excellence.

Zensite has delivered a data-oriented design that achieves business needs and goals from global corporations and startups to SMEs.

Book a call with Zensite to know more or subscribe now, there is 7 days trial, and you can cancel anytime.

Eyeing a subscription? -> Click here to explore further

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