Connecting Locum Doctors with Trusted Healthcare Facilities

We're proud unveils our latest creation, LocDoc - a healthcare job marketplace uniquely designed to cater to doctors and other healthcare professionals seeking locum jobs!

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Jun 2, 2023
Last Update:
Oct 15, 2023
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Introducing LocDoc!

We're proud unveils our latest creation, LocDoc - a healthcare job marketplace uniquely designed to cater to doctors and other healthcare professionals seeking locum jobs. By bridging the gap between medical professionals and healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals, LocDoc aims to revolutionize the search for temporary or short-term positions.

At its core, LocDoc serves as a dynamic platform where healthcare professionals can create profiles, peruse available job listings, and communicate directly with potential employers. Clinics and healthcare facilities, on the other hand, can effortlessly post job opportunities, indicating specific requirements and duration.

Why LocDoc? 

In recognizing the crucial yet challenging role of locum doctors, LocDoc has been developed to mitigate the complexity of job hunting in the healthcare sector. Our goal is to simplify and enrich the journey of locum doctors, providing a multitude of job opportunities complete with upfront pay packages and explicit job expectations. With LocDoc, we eliminate the guesswork from job hunting, enabling doctors to focus on delivering outstanding healthcare.

Despite being currently in private beta testing, we are welcoming doctors and clinics to join our waitlist by visiting LocDoc homepage here.

LocDoc was born out of a critical need - the absence of a dedicated platform for locum doctors seeking contract opportunities and healthcare facilities requiring locum doctors to fulfill their clinical needs. LocDoc serves as the perfect solution - a healthcare job marketplace where qualified doctors meet healthcare facilities to cater to demands.

The People behind LocDoc

Behind LocDoc is a stellar team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Co-Founder and COO, Dr. Dhamirah Sakinah (Fay Mira), is a medical doctor turned UX specialist in Health Tech, passionate about enhancing the well-being of medical professionals. David Yap, Co-Founder and CEO, is an entrepreneur with a decade of UI/UX design expertise, leveraging Tech, AI, and blockchain to revolutionize health tech for medical professionals. Joshua Yap, the Chief Marketing Officer, brings his expertise in digital marketing, SEO, and blockchain to widen connections between medical professionals and facilities.

The platform is set to launch as a web app. While currently in closed beta, registration for the waitlist is now open.

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