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We are a blockchain development agency providing UX design and customized blockchain solutions for NFT, DeFi, Oracle, or Web3 products that improve your product's on & off-chain success metrics.

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Our Web3 services

DeFi Blockchain Solutions

DeFi Blockchain Protocol Product Design

Build the next (Or better) DeFi solution similar to Curve, Uniswap, or Pancakeswap. As a DeFi project, your goal is to capture the most trading volumes, TVL (Total Value Locked), and liquidity.

We have the experience and domain expertise to help design the best version of your DeFi Blockchain protocol in the form of both Web and Mobile Apps that emphasizes DeFi's key metrics.

NFT Blockchain services

NFTs & Discord Automations

Launch your NFT collection with us!

Whether it's a collection on the ETH or SOL blockchain, we can help you with NFT project management, managing art, NFT generations, NFT smart contracts (ERC-721 / 1155), and Discord setup security and automation.

L1/L2 Blockchain Decentralized Solutions

L1/L2 Design Solution

We can help with your L1/L2 website design that reduces the learning curve of your blockchain platform or applications. In addition, we also provide UX copywriting and the necessary Explorer design.

Crypto Exchange Development

Crypto Exchange Design

Whether a wallet, trading engine, order books, margin contracts, or charts, a great experience determines if your alternative is the best.

We can provide the necessary blockchain design services to help you bring your crypto exchange to life.

Tokenomic Consulting Services for Blockchain Projects

Tokenomics Advisory & Consultation

A great tokenomic takes into account several key aspects like allocations, emission model, utilities, business model, governance setup, ecosystem/platforms, product design, and roadmaps.

Although there is no one-for-all formula to the moon, your tokenomic is the major determining factor in whether your token would succeed or fail.

We can help to provide insights, feedback, and recommendation on improving your existing tokenomics.

Recent Results - Coin Market Manager

From a simple crypto portfolio tracker to a complete portfolio management suite


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Our Web3 works

Check out some of our live portfolios below.

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Our Client's Testimonies

Plus, why they have chosen Zensite as their preferred blockchain development agency.

"Zensite always seem to have a brilliant design solution for things that floored us in the past."

There were no measurable outcomes, but Zensite worked tirelessly to meet the client’s expectations on the quality. The team strictly adhered to the deadlines and communicated mainly on Slack. Overall, their agile mentality and innovative design solutions were the highlights of the partnership.

DJ Kanzen
Co-Founder, Coin Market Manager
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Some common question our clients have

What type of Web3 Blockchain design products that we can design?

FAQ Zensite
  • NFTs
  • CeFi / DeFi Exchanges
  • L1/L2 solutions
  • Wallets
  • B2C Consumer Apps using Blockchain
  • Oracle / Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
  • Blockchain focused Landing Pages
  • Launchpad Platforms

What are some of the various industries that you can design using blockchain solution?

FAQ Zensite
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retails
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Education & Learning
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Real Estate

Why Zensite for our Web3 product?

FAQ Zensite

We have half a decade of designing Web3 products.

Our Web3 blockchain project portfolios are live work with actual results in real-time.

View more recent results of our work here.

What is Zensite's position as a blockchain design agency?

FAQ Zensite

A little brief into Zensite's history; Our clients are some of today's industry leaders in the Web3 space.

Our focus is to help you capture these similar metrics using the best and most proven UX design that scales.

Do you do branding?

FAQ Zensite

We can work with you to create your unique blockchain or web3 brand identity that will set you apart.

Our branding service includes brand strategies, assets, copywriting, fonts, logos, icons, colors, and complete visual identity.

And if you already have an existing branding that requires some update, we can help you refine them further while strengthening the overall story you wish to convey.

Can you help us redesign our blockchain product website?

FAQ Zensite

Yes, if you are undergoing significant governance changes and your platform requires massive UX changes, our team has the experience in governance and protocol design implementation to help with your new transition.

If you are looking to get some thoughts on your updated tokenomics or protocol implementation, feel free to reach out to us too.

Do you also offer blockchain marketing services?

FAQ Zensite

We have a reputation among blockchain and web3 influencers that we can work with for your projects for marketing needs. Our marketing partners specialize in connecting influencers, communities, and brands.

However, we do not influence the decision of the influencers as it depends on your project's information.

Can you help us to set up our Discord community?

FAQ Zensite

Yes, whether you are looking to build a DeFi, L1/L2 solution, or DeFi community. We can help you set up your own safe and secure Discord community where your community can thrive.

We also offer basic auditing services that double-check your server's permission and safety measures, reducing the chances of bots invasion or exploits.

What kind of blockchain design process should I expect from you?

FAQ Zensite

Our focus to you is help you to succeed rather than focusing on product aesthetics. We do that by adopting the Double Diamond Design Process, which is the world's number one gold standard for design processes (Used by IDEO & Nielsen Norman), here's our process:

We use the gold standard of quantitative and qualitative research to uncover insights and define user flows & optimization to work on before embarking on our design process.

Global Perspective
We have both traditional & emerging tech , combined with international experience and expertise from our members and collaborators around APAC regions, Egypt & Sweden, providing valuable creative global perspectives on our work.

Challenge Everything
Though we are data-driven, sometimes, we challenge ideas and use unique approaches to solve complex product challenges to reach your ideal goals instead of settling for typical solutions.

Collaborative First
We set a reliable, collaborative process that enables you to communicate ideas and changes effectively by dedicating a point person or a small team from your end to actively participate in the design process.

We have weekly calls to review updates, ideas, and suggestions. Expect a constant line of communication between your dedicated team member and us.

Dedicated Team
We have small and focused teams dedicated to each project. Throughout the project, you will have a single point of contact to guide you through the project lifecycle.

What is the most comfortable timezone for your team?

FAQ Zensite

We are currently in the Singapore timezone, GMT +8.

Timezone is no longer the issue for today's technology capabilities as we have helped many clients from countries like Australia, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom to date.

Where are you located in Google Maps?

FAQ Zensite

Zensite UX Design Agency Singapore
68 Circular Road, #02-01, 049422, Singapore

Zensite UX Design Agency Malaysia
B-SG-07 Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Our Google address location pin is available in our Contact page.

About Zensite Blockchain Development Agency

FAQ Zensite

We are a leading Web3 design agency offering blockchain development services and solutions for your web3 on and off-chain success metrics.

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