GWC: Empowering Health Online

GWC is an e-commerce platform that empowers individuals to take control of their health through natural and high-quality supplements.

GWC: Empowering Health Online

Comprehensive e-commerce website, that customers worldwide can easily access and purchase products.

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GWC is a health and wellness company that sells natural, high-quality supplements with the goal of giving customers the best products for their health and happiness.

As part of their product line, they would like to highlight three standout offerings on their e-commerce website: Liveon, Zenso, and D-VINE.


GWC aims to expand its global product sales through an e-commerce website, and in order to stand out from competitors and build customer trust, the website must effectively showcase the ingredients of the supplements and their benefits.


Before designing the e-commerce website, we did a thorough analysis of the current market trends by looking at and judging competitors. This thorough analysis gave us important information about the industry and helped us figure out how to stand out from the competition.

GWC: Empowering Health Online


Following our analysis of the current industry trends, we developed an information architecture that determined the content and structure of each page on our e-commerce website.

Additionally, we created user flows to identify and streamline the pathways that users would take to achieve their goals on our site. These measures were crucial in creating a user-friendly website that effectively showcases our products while offering a seamless and intuitive experience for our customers.

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Building on the insights gained from our analysis of industry trends and user flows, we proceeded to build wireframes based on the information architecture we created.

These wireframes allowed us to visualise and refine the layout and functionality of the e-commerce website, ensuring that it effectively showcases the products while offering a seamless and intuitive experience for our customers.

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After finalising the wireframes for the e-commerce website, we then focused on creating a suitable visual style that would align with the professional tone required by the client.

This involved careful consideration of factors such as color schemes, typography, and imagery, all of which were used to create a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website that effectively showcases the products and represents the brand.

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In conclusion, we successfully created a comprehensive and visually appealing e-commerce website that showcases each of the products on its own page, providing visitors with all the necessary information to make informed purchases.

To validate our designs, we conducted a user test which yielded a 95% success rate for users achieving their goals on the website.

These results demonstrate our commitment to providing a user-friendly and effective online shopping experience for the customers.


Responsive E-Commerce Pages Designed


Success Rate amongst testers


Establishing new scalable design system elements

what client said

‘We are very pleased with the final design, they know current trends, and using new tools (such as software) to help them excel. Highly recommend working with them as one of the best website ux design firm”

Cloud Tan
Manager at GWC

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