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Driving employee engagement for Malaysia's award-winning Human Resource company with high profile clients through digital nudges and personal improvement loop approach to increase workplace talent productivity.


The leading platform for employee engagement in Malaysia for more than 10 years with clients from Digi Telecommunication, Dominos, Accenture, Microsoft and more. After being in the business for a long time, user behaviour had evolved. So Selfdrvn approached Zensite to lead an app overhaul.

We delivered a completely new mobile and web experience that modernized workplace engagement with thoughtfully planned out digital nudges that drive action, closing the action to result loop.

To make sure the redesign was embraced by the company's high profile clients, we focused on the point of view of the employee by creating a highly optimized dashboard that synthesizes all information about the employees' performance to their company, tieing down the call to actions for the employee to make improvement quick. Upon launching this, we see a rise in employee action to be more engaged with the company and increase overall productivity through self-drive motivation.

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Work Gamified

Exciting Monday

After immersing ourselves by using many HR tools, most HR tools seem to be very dull and focus on top management. Most employees use those tools because they are being told to and lack the motivation to use it themselves.

So we start from scratch gave the brand a brand new look that focuses on the self-driven people in making personal improvement on themselves and spends the most time using those tools.

Bringing down cubical walls

For Employees

Unlike other incumbent HR tools commonly used, we ensure that the tool has a meaningful purpose of driving action. By connecting different components to different components, we can build a story of a self-reliant tool that reduces the work of an HR manager's work to create a task for employees.

This ensures that the tool is continuously nudging the employee to take meaningful action and increase engagement. We streamline all those data points and synthesize them onto the dashboard, giving a high-level overview of their performance and engagement so the employee can take meaningful action to improve themselves, creating an ecosystem of continuous engagement.

This includes a social timeline to check on ongoing projects other teams are working on and how they celebrate their successes and provide ad-hoc feedback to their teammate to encourage a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.

For busy people

After spending a month in the client's and partner's office, we notice a pattern. People spend most of their time working in chat apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams to collaborate. We also know from user interviews that people hate the most is learning a new business tool.

So we integrate the app into their favourite chat app and have digital nudges from the built-in chatbot to assign quest or collect colleague feedback or remind the employee to keep up meeting the company OKR. The nudges are also designed to ensure that it won't interrupt the employee's workflow and strategically nudge them.

Stay engaged on the web and on mobile

Designed for mobile

Most of all Selfdrvn's competitor are only based on the web which does not work for the new generation of work. With people bringing their work with them everywhere they go, staying on the web would further limits engagement of their clients' employees to use their software.

So we work closely with Selfdrvn internal team to design and build a cross platform app that works for both iOS and Android with close integration with their Partner, Microsoft to deliver a seamless experience through Microsoft Team, the world's most popular chat app for workplace. By building the app in a cross platform environment, it allows the team to make changes once and be update to both platforms.

Competitive nudges

To support the company's vision of turning the workplace into an engaged workplace, we also design the app alongside its internal team and run tests along the way. To break down the walls from a different department, we create a centralized leaderboard chart that allows anyone from the organization to see top-performing talent from a different department.

This allows the department to compete with different departments or know your colleague who you don't share the same team but work for the same company. This increases social connection within the organization and removes silo from teams and the department to increase collaboration instead of working with strangers.

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