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We are a data-driven UI UX design agency delivering complete end-to-end web, mobile, and Web3 user experience design solutions for better core metrics.

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Our Services & What we do

web design

We'll transform yourb into a powerful asset that drives action, engagement, and boosts sales through user experience. We achieve this by crafting aesthetically pleasing, high-performing, and user-centric designs that deliver your solutions seamlessly to your target customers through an enhanced user experience.

mobile app design

Whether it's iOS or Android, we design mobile apps that get your users swiping through each user interface correctly and into your checkouts without dropping off.

web3 design

On-chain activities are the best proven ways to generate hype and TVLs, which send your token's ranking on CoinMarketCap to the Top 100. We craft Web3 experiences using the best UX techniques from traditional technology, leading to more TVL, users, and on-chain activities.

On-Page SEO

You want to be on the first page, and the best way to do that is to have a great user experience (Google said it, not us). We'll deploy websites that pass Core Web Vital and optimize your keywords to fulfill search intent, so that you show up on search whenever someone's searching.

web development

Skip the hiring & web development and go online right away with our Webflow development solutions. Our web designers cover complete end-to-end website solutions, including front-end, CMS, responsive sites, hosting, payment gateways, animations, and more to make sure your customer gets the best user experience touchpoint to your brand on all devices.

Digital Transformation

Boost your revenue beyond your offline business in 30 days.*
Our digital transformation service includes taking your business online with an aesthetically pleasing and highly-converting website that is ready to take orders.


Work with Us at any stage

Launch your products and services with full confidence

Our UX agency can help your business confidently launch your product with our product design team.

Best Design Collaboration Practice:
We use the best industry standard of collaboration.
Data-Driven Design :
Every design are backed by evidence-based user research
Precise Communication & Support: 
You'll not be left alone during and after; our dedicated project manager will be with you along the digital experiences
3 - 6 Months
UI UX Design
UX Research

Web & Mobile App Design
User Research
Product Management
Digital Strategy
a group of people having a meeting

Future-proof your existing product & design

Whether it's a single page or an entire site, relaunch an old design into something new for your current and future customers with us.

Keep your Design Up-to Date:
Refresh your current design to meet today's demand
Launch new pages consistently:
All new assets will adhere to your branding for consistency
Optimize for SEO & Ranking:
We'll optimize your site for Core Web Vitals to rank higher.
2-3 Months
Landing Pages
UI Design
UX Design
Webflow Development
build a design system: a group of people having a meeting

WE CAN HELP YOU TO DESIGN you mobile application or web application USING DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH

Shipping a new feature is like shipping a brand new product. We can help you design new features that align with your existing brand guidelines and user experience.

Create feature design goals that layout all the plans from wireframes to interactive prototypes
Launch quick prototype to experiment for product-market fit
Refine the design of the feature to align with existing UX for market launch
2 - 3 Months
User Research, A/B Testing, UX Design, UI Design
create a new feature: a group of people having a meeting


We offer a complete start-to-finish product design solution to help you launch your product with ease.

Establish clear path of product roadmap to launch
Conduct evidence-based user research for data collection
Design complete design for production
3 - 6 Months
UI UX Design, Web & Mobile App Design, User Research, Product Management
a group of people having a meeting


We can create design system that allows your team to expand new features using your existing design language and branding.

Create design system and documentation for easy reproduction
Optimize and sort your design system for consistency and precision
Deliver design components that is scalable for all platform
1 - 2 Months
Design System Development and Improvements
build a design system: a group of people having a meeting


Shipping a new feature is like shipping a brand new product. We can help you design new features that align with your existing brand guidelines and user experience.

Create feature design goals that layout all the plans from start to end
Launch quick prototype to experiment for product-market fit
Refine the design of the feature to align with existing UX for market launch
2 - 3 Months
User Research, A/B Testing, UX Design
create a new feature: a group of people having a meeting
Why Us

Why work with Zensite?

For the past decade, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading start-ups to help them create user experience with a UX design process that drive results and accelerate their digital products' growth with the top user experience design agency.

The portfolios we serve provide homes PropertyGuru Group logo food PopMeals logo improve health Kesh AI logo make better trade Coin Market Manager logo educate leaders Asia School of Business logo democratise finance Stack logo and more.


What people like about us

Asian School of Business student taking group photo in front of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Working with the team at Zensite was an absolute delight! From start to finish, they made the website design journey so easy and enjoyable. Their attention to detail and passion for creating the perfect user interface & experience were evident in every interaction.” - Google Review

Vivien Francis, a client from Asian School of Business, MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vivien Francis
Digital Marketing Consultant of Asia School of Business
Asia School of Business (ASB)
Scope of work
Web Design
a propertyguru group conference

“Zensite helped us to build a website in the past, and I'm incredibly impressed with the level of service and quality of work they provided. The team was responsive, professional, and accommodating from briefing stage to post site live stage.” - Google Review

a propertyguru group client digital marketing officer
Joan Germaine
Senior Brand & Marketing Manager of PropertyGuru Group
PropertyGuru Group
Scope of work
Web Design + Webflow
zuelig pharma with Klinify kesh group photo

“Zensite team are very professional about drawing the boundaries on the scope of the project. Their dedication to the craft was scene via the quality of the research they presented. From analysing the competitive landscape to speaking with customers. One of their team's background as a doctor helped with thinking through some of the features of the final design” - Google Review

headshot photo of Kesh with Klinify shirt
Krishanthan Surendran
Founder and CEO of
Scope of work
Mobile App Design

“There were no measurable outcomes, but Zensite worked tirelessly to meet the client’s expectations on the quality. The team strictly adhered to the deadlines and communicated mainly on Slack. Overall, their agile mentality and innovative design solutions were the highlights of the partnership.” - Clutch Review

DJ Kanzen
Founder and CEO of Coin Market Manager
Coin Market Manager
Scope of work
UI/UX Design + Web Design

“David is truly a reliable partner. His user experience agency delivered high-quality work on time and communicated well throughout the engagement. His design thinking knowledge and expertise in the latest design trends, interaction design and tools made him stand out.”

Xan D.
Daemon Technology (Stacks)
Scope of work
UI/UX Design + Webflow

Frequently asked question

What can our UI UX design agency do for you?

Whether it's for web app design or mobile apps design, what we do as a design agency are producing product design or visual design outcomes that enhance both of your user experience and key metrics—e.g: better conversion rate, retention rate, etc). We have web designers, graphic designer, ux designers that conducts design thinking to help design driven company to make better informed design decision through data – resulting in a better user experience & user interface design.

What makes Zensite different from other UI UX design agencies?

Over the past six-plus years, our design agency has delivered a 100% success rate through our data-driven design process for all our clients. Beyond mere words, every design project we've collaborated on has launched successfully.

We uphold our standard not merely because there are many competent UX agencies out there; we do so to reinforce our pride in being the best design agency that utilizes data-driven design methodology. We also won several awards as a top ux agencies.

What is our UX design process?

We follow a detailed process when working with you, grounded in the Double Diamond Design Principles. This method, popularized by the British Design Council in 2005, has also been adopted by top UX design agencies like IDEO and Nielsen Norman. The goal is to align everyone on the same wavelength, enhancing both communication efficiency and the quality of deliverables.

Zensite UI UX Design Process

Step #1 | Discover: To accurately identify challenges, our lead UX designer conducts both qualitative and quantitative research from your target audience to understand the underlying user pain points and needs we aim to address.

Step #2 | Define: We uncover the research data from your target audience through comprehensive analysis, pinpointing key focus areas. Subsequently, we define goals, user journeys, and experiences based on these insights & feedbacks, which guide us towards the right solutions.

Step #3 | Design: At this stage, we diverge, using creativity and data to create aesthetically pleasing user interfaces & experiences tailored to your targeted customers through visual design.

Step #4 | Constantly Test & Improve: Finally, we converge again. Our focus shifts to delivering solutions that effectively address user needs and pain points. This is achieved through the development of prototypes, user testing, and a commitment to continuous improvement of the existing digital product's interaction design.

Are we available for short / long-term hire or UI UX design partnerships?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive design subscription starting at the price of $3,499/monthly.

This means you'll be getting an entire superstar team of UI designers and UX designers for the price of one without the HR process.

This is a perfect solution if you're looking to expand your design department but are unsure if you need an in-house solution.

In this subscription, you're entitled to unlimited design requests, and they will be delivered one by one in the order they were received.

What is the average time it would take for us to complete UI UX design projects?

Similar to what you would expect from a UI UX design company, a UI/UX design project typically takes 3-6 months. This includes conducting user research or UX research, visual design or UI design, data and usability testing, user journey map creation, and A/B testing. The completion time varies based on the features of the project; we've launched products in as short as 30 days, while others might take longer.

More complex digital platforms, such as enterprise software comprising numerous unique internal and external features, will take longer than a single landing page website. However, there are times when a project only requests specific UX design services, which would require less time for our user experience designers to fulfill. As a client first UX UI design firms, we can fit our timeline into your schedule.

What is the most comfortable time zone for your team?

We boast a decade of experience in working with clients from around the globe. Our UX design agency is based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, but our team members span across the Asia Pacific APEC or South-East Asia - allowing us to serve customers worldwide regardless of their location. Our remote collaboration model has been perfected over time; we have had successful engagements with partners from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, United State, the UK and other countries.

We understand that different time zones can bring forth challenges for communication which is why we've implemented efficient strategies into our project management system to ensure smooth operations no matter where you are located geographically speaking.

At our firm scheduling client meetings at appropriate times or even switching between multiple calendars are second nature; utilizing various tools helps facilitate better connectivity while streamlining workflow processes seamlessly throughout all projects undertaken by us on behalf of your business/brand globally too!  

By actively engaging with customers situated in distinct areas worldwide it's enabled growth opportunities for ourselves as well as an understanding about global markets giving rise to an adaptive culture within the organization ultimately enabling superior results catering towards unique needs without compromising on quality standards guaranteed every single time!

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